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Education Non-Profit – Media Services
Global Education Charity Speeding Up Education Reform with Yorktel Webcasting, Social Media.

Financial Services – Professional Services, Integration, Managed Services, Staffing, Maintenance
Yorktel saves a financial institution hundreds of thousands in videoconferencing planning, and implementation costs.

Global Broadcasting Company – Professional Services
Despite an extensive investment in video communications solutions, one of the world’s largest Global Broadcasting Companies has been constrained by the limitations of legacy-based, non-standardised technologies. To address this, Yorktel Professional Services conducted a complete assessment of the client’s video communications environment.

Managed Media Services
Agencies are able to focus on the message they want to communicate to employees and stakeholders, rather than the logistics of managing and mastering the video technology.

Healthcare – Professional Services
Yorktel Professional Services did a comprehensive assessment of a major health system client’s video communications environment and Telehealth platform. After the assessment, Yorktel’s recommendations became a key driver to enabling the client to realise greater revenue streams by serving more patients.

As one of the world’s leading upscale American lifestyle and fashion retailers, this client focuses on high-end clothes for men and women, accessories, footwear, fragrances, home and housewares with over 600 retail locations across the globe, generating more than $4B in annual revenue.

As one of the world’s leading power companies, generating and distributing electric power in 27 countries and employing 27,000 people worldwide, this client has revenues of over $15B and a growth strategy through acquisition, this Arlington Virginia based company. Many of the power generation facilities are in remote places across the globe, in countries and locations where travel is neither easy nor convenient.

Management Consulting
A global management consulting firm with 78 offices in 43 countries, this entity is one of the largest private companies in the United States and serves as an advisor to clients in the private, public, and not-for-profit-sectors. This client’s revenues now exceed $3.5B USD through advisory services provided over 6,000 management consultants worldwide.

Since its founding in the early 1920’s, this company and its affiliates have remained faithful to their commitment to produce unparalleled family entertainment experiences based on the rich legacy of quality creative content and exceptional storytelling. This company’s parks and resorts have grown to encompass cruise lines, vacation resorts, and 11 theme parks in 3 countries.

Finding Agility: The Next Generation Workplace
Vishal Brown, Vice President of Professional Services, Yorktel
Making the commitment to embrace a Next Gen Workplace strategy by exploring new policies, procedures and cultural attitudes that reflect today’s workforce is a key requirement to developing a healthier and more profitable business model.

Telehealth: The Top 3 Obstacles Facing Clinicians Today
Peter McLain, Vice President of Telehealth, Yorktel
Health delivery systems could benefit from partnering with an experienced video communications management and service company who has provided a Video Network Operation Centre (VNOC) for complex video deployments at large global enterprises and federal government agencies. Best practices gained from years of experience could shorten the learning curve and launch more effective and successful telemedicine networks in healthcare today.

Following are three obstacles that typically result in a failed telemedicine implementation, and explanations of how a reputable VNOC service provider can overcome them.

Best Practices for UC&C Productivity
Vishal Brown, Vice President of Professional Services, Yorktel
UC&C can play an important role in improving how a business communicates and influences prospects, customers, business partners, stakeholders, and even its own workforce.

Save Money, Leverage Time: Return on Engagement Using Collaboration
Ron Gaboury, Chief Executive Officer, Yorktel
Executives can help drive usage of collaboration within their organisations, and positively impact the bottom line, by viewing the technology as a way to improve not only return on investment (ROI), but return on engagement (ROE); getting things done faster with less rework.

3 Things You Need to Know About WebRTC
Vishal Brown, Vice President of Professional Services, Yorktel
Bin Guan, Chief Technology Officer, Yorktel

The video communications industry is on the verge of a major shakeup. Understanding WebRTC (real-time communication) is essential to understanding how this trend will affect your organisation.

A Primer on Federated Communications
Vishal Brown
Vice President of Professional Services, Yorktel

Enterprises are increasingly viewing federated communication as a strategic business decision, providing business benefits such as the ability to securely communicate with parties outside of their enterprise, achieving increased productivity and collaboration, customer satisfaction, and others.

3 Best Practices for Video Conferencing, Streaming media, and Webcasts
Dave Tidler
Digital Communications Solutions Architect, Yorktel Media Services

Among all the communication mediums marketers have to choose from, there’s one fact that cannot be ignored: video content – including curated user-generated video and original branded content – is exploding across the internet.

Wainhouse Research: Evaluation of the Univago Video Calling service
Hands-on testing of Yorktel’s Pexip-powered offering.


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