Finance/ Executive
Finance/ Executive

Finance/ Executive Collaboration and the Bottom Line

Finance/ Executive

The cost and time savings of travel reduction has long been understood, but financial savings through effective collaboration is a more complex and measurable benefit. When you’ve reached the point of cutting costs via personnel, equipment or investments, discover how the right collaboration tools lead to savings:

Employee-output and related costs:

  • Productivity
  • Employee Morale and Retention

Cloud hosting

  • Decrease your CapEx and move communication into Opex.

Higher ROI

  • Interoperate legacy equipment with Skype4Business and cloud based systems via Univago

Consistent and Simultaneous Messaging Globally

  • Greater use of video equipment leads to higher ROI
  • Webcasting and Town Halls

Find your return on engagement with Yorktel Collaboration Services .


  • Save Money, Leverage Time: Return on Engagement Using CollaborationDownload